PLEASE PRAY for our 2019/20 RW LIFE Matters Support Groups

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We would appreciate your continued prayers!!!

Minneapolis, Minnesota –
Contact Info:
Phone – (612) 460-5716
Email –  rw @

Tucson, Arizona – starts 14 September 2019 (registration closes 31 August)
Contact for Info:
Tel – 520 887 0115
Email – restoringwholeness @

Flagstaff, Arizona –
Contact for Info:
Tel – 520 240 0721
Email – bretman4 @




Lesson  1: ‘God’s Original Intent’
Lesson  2: ‘Blessing, The Parent’s Role & Systems, The Family’s Role’
Lesson  3: ‘Shame Based Family Rules’ & ‘Resolving Shame’
Lesson  4‘Exploring the Roots of Sexual and Relational Brokenness’ Mother Wound
Lesson  5‘Exploring the Roots of Sexual and Relational Brokenness’ Father Wound
Lesson  6: ‘Dealing with Pain and Anger’
Lesson  7: ‘Relationships’
Lesson  8: ‘Relational Idolatry’
Lesson  9‘Boundaries’

Lesson 10: ‘Freedom from Abuse
Lesson 11‘Understanding Same-Sex Attraction’
Lesson 12‘Roots of Addictions
Lesson 13‘Abuse of Identity, Fear of Intimacy & Wounding and Brokenness’
Lesson 14‘Cycle of Addiction and Breaking the Cycle’
Lesson 15‘Healing and Restoring Wholeness’

Recap, Prayer & Meal :  Time for Reflection and Closure

Please pray for our upcoming RW Support Groups in September and participants 2019-2020.
Thank you for your consistent faithfulness in prayer and support!
God bless you!