RW Life Matters: Leader’s Training

RW Life Matters: Leader’s Training

Cost: $250 per person
Length: 4 full days
Audience: Church leaders

This comprehensive course is designed to assist church leaders, or those preparing to step into leadership, in learning how to understand and disciple those with relational and sexual issues using Biblical counseling methods.

Introduction to Course
Lesson  1: God’s Original Intent – Looking through the Lens of God’s Purpose
Lesson  2: Blessing, The Parent’s Role & Systems, The Family’s Role
Lesson  3: Shame Based Family Rules & Resolving Shame
Lesson  4: Exploring the Roots of Sexual & Relational Brokenness –
Mother Wound
Lesson  5: Exploring the Roots of Sexual & Relational Brokenness –
Father Wound & Wounding and Brokenness
Lesson  6: Dealing with Pain, Anger and Depression
Lesson  7: Relationships
Lesson  8: Relational Idolatry
Lesson  9: Boundaries
Lesson 10: Freedom from Abuse
Lesson 11: Understanding Same-Sex Attraction
Lesson 12: Roots of Addictions
Lesson 13: Abuse of Identity, Fear of Intimacy
Lesson 14: Cycle of Addiction and Breaking the Cycle
Lesson 15: Healing and Restoring Wholeness

Other Topics covered in Leadership Course:
Help for Family and Friends
Small Group Dynamics

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