Wynn’s personal thoughts for Jan-Mar 2019 Newsletter

Wynn’s personal thoughts for Jan-Mar 2019 Newsletter

I’d like to share a thought I believe the Lord gave me regarding entitlement and the ongoing struggle that so many Christians have when they lose sight of the awesome privilege of God’s grace.

I can best illustrate this concept with a story. An adult son visits his parents at their home for a two-week stay. He is very close to them, but has been living in another country for some time. During his visit, he falls into his old habits of staying up past midnight, leaving his dirty dishes in the sink, and throwing his clothes all over the guestroom where he is sleeping. These are things he used to get away with when he was a teenager living under their roof, but his parents are no longer accustomed to this kind of behavior. They have new boundaries and they expect their son to act like a guest who appreciates their hospitality. So his father approaches him during his visit and asks him to respect these new boundaries. But instead of apologizing for his entitled behavior, the son feels rejected and upset. His entitlement attitude has blinded him from seeing his own disrespect for his parents.

So what is true respect? Does respect show honor and courtesy?

Having a sense of entitlement can sometimes cause us to lose sight of respect—especially when we forget to honor those we are close to.

How does this apply to God? Very much so.  I found myself asking, “Do I respect my Father (Jesus, the Holy Spirit)? Has my relationship with God become convenient rather than respectful?   Do I understand what a great privilege it is to be a child of God? Or do I feel entitled to it and take my relationship with Him for granted?

God is gracious to the humble (James 4:6 ; James 4:10). “God help me to never lose sight of Your simple facts and principles.”

Regarding the ministry, the past few months have been full of our 2017/18 RW Support Group as well as several other ministry opportunities. This year we combined the Men’s and Women’s group together which proved to be a blessing to the participants as well as the leaders. All our other groups i.e. Flagstaff and Minnesota, have been mixed from their inception.  The groups which are running are experiencing respectable results in each participant.

Our local church, Central City Assembly in Tucson, plans to host another “From Shame to Intimacy with Christ” One Day Seminar in March.

Lord willing we, Brett and myself, have been asked to minister in Ukraine and Switzerland again this year.
If you would like to partner with this mission outreach, please click here – we need your financial and prayer support.

Brett Martin is heading up our Northern Arizona RW Ministry in Flagstaff and Prescott. God is blessing his diligent work. We are extremely thankful for Brett and his lovely wife, Holly.