Picture Perfect…

12149141_475In my hall way at home I have a picture that Wynn took of me back in the 70’s.  It was a lovely picture. It is a much younger me posing in field of tiny flowers. It’s a peaceful carefree composition that captures youth and truly reflected the era of the 70’s. The photo had been tucked away for many years and when Wynn and I got married we reminisced over the event and the picture graces the wall along with other memory shots of that time. When someone asks “Is that you?” I simply say yes. Of course when people are surprised that I actually was young once I’m not sure I’m all that flattered. In fact some days it’s hard for me to believe that picture was of me.  As with most memories the details can quickly rush back to my memory. Sights, smells, emotions can return as if it were happening right now. That’s what makes the picture special.

My memories included riding in the car all dressed up feeling uncomfortable with rollers in my hair on a road trip. Trying to brush out my hair to perfection outside the car was not an easy task. I can recall when a location was spotted, not wanting to venture into the field, but with encouragement from Wynn who was passionate about his photos, I was convenience it would be ok. The field was uneven, rocky and dirty. Walking around “cow patties” to find a place that would capture his vision was a challenge. We found it. I sat down and later even laid down in the field. With the assurance there were no snakes I could at least close my eyes and try to pose for my photographer. We got the shot. We captured the moment.

Often we see our friends, family or even people in ministry and make a mental picture. We see their triumphs and victories. We wonder “why can’t that be me?” or “why doesn’t that happen for me?” What we don’t see is the process that got them there. We don’t know the back story – the struggles, the battles and times of discouragement. Times they hung on to faith with all their might and navigated rocky paths and even some spiritual cow patties. Maybe if we knew what their story was we just might know that with every picture there is a story. Life is a journey beyond the moments we capture and life is not Picture Perfect for any of us!  Life is a process and each life is a masterpiece in the Master’s hands.  James 1:4 “But let endurance and steadfastness and patience have full play and do a thorough work, so that you may be [people] perfectly and fully developed [with no defects], lacking in nothing.”