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Finding freedom from relational and sexual brokenness.


‘Faith by Bullet Point‘ personal story 3rd quarter

Restoring My Brokenness to Realizing Truth by Mike God has done some paramount work in my life this past year as I attended a support group run by Restoring Wholeness. I can now grasp why so many people including myself have struggled with sexual addictions. This slavery to sin is crippling in sharing intimacy with God. Realizing the multiple truths through scripture and the teaching the Restoring Wholeness team taught, I have been freed in multiple facets of life and…


Sin, Grace and Sincerity by Jason Caywood Recently I heard a story of a family friend who was a believer and is now in the Lord’s Presence due to the passing of death. At one point in his life he realized that he needed the Lord Jesus to save him. He told a friend, “My heart is black and full of sin.” He knew that he needed the grace the Gospel proclaims and did embrace the Lord Jesus and he…


A New Book “Prodigal” by Wynn Cameron Thompson

Wynn Cameron Thompson’s new book PRODIGAL – wherever books are sold! NOW on Amazon in print and Kindle – CLICK HERE TO ORDER Barnes and Noble, print or Nook – CLICK HERE TO ORDER Google Play, E-Book – CLICK HERE TO ORDER Apple iBook Prodigal – A Journey to Freedom from Abuse and Addiction “There are some special people who possess the courage to change their lifestyles and become a blessing to many. Wynn is one of these giants. He…