Finding freedom from relational and sexual brokenness.


RW Blog November 2019 – Brett Martin

What voices am I listening to?  Have you ever asked yourself that question?  I think of myself as being a positive person.  I want to believe the best about myself and others. When I look at challenging or difficult situations in a person’s life, for the most part, faith fills my heart and mind of what God can do. This is usually the case when my eyes and heart are centered on God.  (John 15)    I can see with His…

In the middle of the muddle

Was thinking this morning about the words “muddle / wallow” and their action words “muddling / wallowing”.The dictionary definition is:  mud·dle – verb: muddling  bring into a disordered or confusing state. synonyms: confuse, mix up, jumble (up), disarrange, disorganize, disorder, disturb, mess up“you’ve muddled things up” confuse (a person or their thoughts). synonyms: bewilder, confuse, bemuse, perplex, puzzle, baffle, mystify “she became muddled”  busy oneself in a confused and ineffective way. God reminded me when Paul and Silas were thrown into prison.  (Acts 16:16-40)   Now I’m far from being a “Paul” but I sure know the feeling when it…


2019 RW Support Group – Time for Reflection and Closure

In depth support group for men dealing with relational and sexual brokenness COURSE CONTENTS: Lesson 1: God’s Original Intent – Looking through the Lens of God’s PurposeLesson 2: Blessing, The Parent’s Role & Systems, The Family’s RoleLesson 3: Shame Based Family Rules & Resolving ShameLesson 4: Exploring the Roots of Relational & Sexual Brokenness – Mother WoundLesson 5: Exploring the Roots of Relational&Sexual Brokenness – Father WoundLesson 6: Dealing with Pain, Anger and DepressionLesson 7: Relationships – Singleness and MarriageLesson 8: Relational IdolatryLesson 9: Boundaries Lesson 10: Freedom from AbuseLesson 11: Understanding Same-Sex AttractionLesson 12: Roots of AddictionsLesson 13: Abuse of…