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Finding freedom from relational and sexual brokenness.


Restoring Wholeness Blog December 2023 – by Judi Thompson

How many times have you been on social media and have read something “NEW” and been either amazed or upset by this new-found information?  With so much ‘dis-information’ being spread, we are learning not to believe everything we read or hear. We can be gullible at times especially if it’s something we like or want. We need to do our own research and fact check to find out the source of the information. This reminds me of our spiritual food.…

RW Blog November 2023 – Brett Martin

What voices am I listening to?  Have you ever asked yourself that question?  I think of myself as being a positive person.  I want to believe the best about myself and others. When I look at challenging or difficult situations in a person’s life, for the most part, faith fills my heart and mind of what God can do. This is usually the case when my eyes and heart are centered on God.  (John 15)    I can see with His…


HOPE2024 — In Person! — Registration link!

Restoring Hope • Proclaiming Truth • Equipping Churches Friday – Saturday, June 21 – 22, 2024, (Fri & Sat: 9 am-9 pm) in California Join us in person for a compassionately truthful conference addressing same-sex attraction & transgenderism from a transformational perspective. Hear powerful biblical teachings, workshops, and inspiring life stories. You will not want to miss the Saturday evening session! Hosted by Restored Hope Network. This year’s conference theme is, “Leaning Into Jesus Together.”  LGBTQ overcomers, family members, loved ones, counselors, pastors, and laypeople, this conference is for you!  Speakers Pastor Ken Williams Equipped to Love, Changed Movement Formerly suicidal over what felt like gay orientation, Pastor Ken Williams is an author, lecturer, and minister helping others navigate LGBTQ issues with Christian care. Melinda Patrick As a current Board Member of Restored Hope Network, Director of Parent Support for His Wonderful Works since 2013, and host of the award-winning podcast, The Bridge Between Us, Melinda Patrick has ministered to many families with children…