Video Teaching

Video Teaching

Escaping the Porn Trap

 Escaping the Porn Trap: from Pure Community Ministries In this screen-cast, we answer the questions: – How big is the porn problem? – What is porn addiction? – What is the cycle of addiction? – What is the way out? We hope it will be helpful to you in your journey to walk in purity.

Complete Ukrainian 2014 missions trip Video Teaching & Testimonies in English and Russian

       These are video tapped teachings and testimonies in Ukraine for CBN TV Kiev in English and Russian. The goal of CBN TV and Internet is to reach all Ukraine, Russia and Slavic countries. Wynn Cameron Thompson: Personal Story —– Dale:  Personal Story —– Brett:  Personal Story —————————————————————————– Teaching and Q&A at YWAM Kiev for Teen Challenge Ukraine and YWAM leaders. Part 1 – Dale teaching “Definitions of Sexual Addiction” —– Part 2 – Wynn teaching “Cycle of Addiction”…

The Anger Chain

Looking at the chain of events in our lives leading from wounding to Anger and eventually hate and character assassination. There is hope and freedom.

Hearing the Voice of God

A teaching on how to hear God’s voice by Rev Wynn Cameron Thompson. Click here for video   An outline study guide is available by writing us at USA at 

Does Porn Impact the Brain? Covenant Eyes

This very interesting short video explains in detail what happens in the brain when we use porn. Neuroscience is telling us more and more about how pornography interacts with the brain. More recent studies show us that pornography addiction is like other process addictions, leaving to compulsive cravings. Get a free book to learn more:

What Are the Practical Steps to Quitting Porn?

6 Steps to Break Free from Porn – from Covenant Eyes #1. Education #2. Clean House and Set Boundaries #3. Set Small Measurable Goals #4. Write Down Your Exit Strategies #5. Sexual Fasting #6. Write Positive Motivations