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Restoring Wholeness is a cross-cultural, inter-denominational Christian ministry aimed at addressing relational and sexual issues. CONTACT INFORMATION Restoring Wholeness MinistriesP.O.Box 64907TUCSON, Arizona 85728-4907, USATel: +01 520 887 0115Email:  RestoringWholeness@gmail.com NORTHERN ARIZONA –Tel: (520) 240-0721Email: bhrestoration2020@gmail.com MINNESOTA –Tel: (612) 460-5716Email: rw@sojourncampuschurch.net

from Brett 1st quarter 2023

I’ve only viewed live crocodiles from a safe distance at a zoo. I have to admit… I will ONLY be comfortable viewing them at a safe distance at a zoo!! But in certain places of the world viewing a crocodile may not only be a daily occurrence, but also a deadly one. For instance, this is a Nile crocodile, the most feared crocodile in all of Africa. This apex predator quietly watches the movements and behavior of unsuspecting prey at…

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WHAT IS RESTORING WHOLENESS MINISTRIES? RWM is a Christian cross cultural, inter denominational counseling, support group and leadership training ministry aimed at addressing relational and sexual issues. We are built on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Ultimate Restorer of people. MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is to help restore those in the Church, the Body of Christ, to God’s original intent for their sexuality, identity and purpose in Christ, so that they can effectively walk with others into significant and…