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Continuing my series of interviews with seasoned ex-gay veterans, I follow up with Wynn Cameron Thompson, whom I interviewed about his book Prodigal. This time, we get more into the ministry he founded, Restoring Wholeness, and the practical insights he’s gained from his own healing journey and years of counseling people with various types of sexual and relational brokenness.

I’m proud to present my interview with Wynn Cameron Thompson, founder and director of Restoring Wholeness Ministries and author of “Prodigal: A Journey of Freedom from Abuse and Addiction”! In this interview, we explore in depth his childhood sexual abuse trauma and how it contributed to his subsequent addiction and same-sex attraction struggles. His story really helps us understand the soul of a boy who’s been sexually exploited.

What causes someone to say “I no longer want to be gay?” “When someone says that, lots of eyebrows get raised. Is it even possible? Wynn Thompson joins me to discuss his new book and to answer questions about what the process looks like in moving beyond a gay identity.

Podcast with Dr. David Kyle Foster

On today’s podcast, former singer, actor and director of Restoring Wholeness Ministries in Tucson, AZ shares his amazing story of rescue from the ravages of the entertainment industry, childhood sexual abuse, pornography and the gay lifestyle. Wynn is the author of the brand new book, Prodigal: A Journey to Freedom from Abuse and Addiction. For more information about Wynn’s ministry, go to: www.RestoringWholeness.org For more information about the creator of this “Pure Passion” podcast, go to: www.MasteringLife.org

Freedom Realized LIVE w/Stephen Black |
1-7-2022 | 38 minutes into the show Guest: Wynn Thompson

Freedom Realized LIVE w/Stephen Black | 1-7-2022 | Guest today is with the Executive Director, Wynn Thompson with Restoring Wholeness Ministries https://restoringwholeness.org/