Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

Breaking Strongholds

‘Breaking the Power’ Liberty Savard ISBN 0-88270-699-3
‘The Bondage Breaker’ Dr. Neil T. Anderson ISBN 0-89081-787-1
‘Released from Bondage’ Dr. Neil T. AndersonISBN 1-85424-216-4
‘Shattering Your Strongholds’Liberty Savard ISBN 0-88270-713-2

Counseling – General

‘Introduction to Psychology
& Counseling – |Christian
Perspectives & Applications’
Paul D. Meirer, M.D.;
Frank B. Minirth, M.D.;
and Frank Wichern, Ph.D.
ISBN 0-8010-6128-8
‘Restoring the Christian Soul’ Leanne Payne ISBN 0-85476-300-7
‘Listening Prayer’ Leanne Payne ISBN 0-85476-558-1
‘Walls of My Heart’ Dr. Bruce Thompson ISBN 0-935779-13-2
‘Free Indeed’ Tom Marshall ISBN 1-85240-002-1
‘Inside Out’ Dr. Larry Crabb ISBN 0-8910-96434
‘Changes that Heal’Dr. Henry Cloud ISBN 0-310-60631-4
‘Transformation of the Inner Man’ John and Paula Sandford ISBN  0-88270-539-3
‘Healing the Wounded Spirit’ John and Paula Sandford ISBN  0-93208-114-2
‘The Inward Journey’ Gene Edwards ISBN 0-94-232-06-5
‘Sexual Healing’ David Kyle Foster ISBN 0-9645000-0-0


Boundaries’ Dr. Henry Cloud &
Dr. John Townsend
ISBN 0-310-58590-2
Hiding From Love’ Dr. John TownsendISBN 0-310-20107-1
Tired of Trying to Measure Up’ Jeff VanVonderenISBN 1-55661-030-0
Abba’s Child’ Brennan ManningISBN 0-8910-98267
Safe People’Dr. Henry Cloud &
Dr. John Townsend
ISBN 0-310-21084-4
Silently SeducedKenneth M. Adams ISBN 0-7573-1587-9
From Bondage to BondingNancy Groom ISBN 08910-96205
Transformation of the Inner ManJohn and Paula Sandford ISBN 0-88270-539-3
Healing the Wounded SpiritJohn and Paula Sandford ISBN 0-93208-114-2

Dealing With Hurt, Pain And Anger

Hope When You’re HurtingDr. Larry Crabb ISBN 0-310-49800-7
Hurt People Hurt PeopleSandra D. Wilson ISBN 0-8407-7746-9
Transformation of the Inner ManJohn and Paula Sandford ISBN  0-88270-539-3
Healing the Wounded SpiritJohn and Paula Sandford ISBN 0-93208-114-2

Dysfunctional Families And Shame

Released from ShameSandra D. Wilson ISBN 0-8308-1601-1
Transformation of the Inner Man John and Paula Sandford ISBN  0-88270-539-3
Healing the Wounded SpiritJohn and Paula Sandford ISBN  0-93208-114-2

Homosexuality – Family Help

How Will I Tell My Mother?Jerry ArterburnISBN 0-8407-9578-5
Someone I Love Is GayA. Worthen &
B Davies
ISBN 0-8308-1982-7
Where Does Mother Go to Resign?Barbara Johnson ISBN 0-87123-606-0
A Parent’s Guide to
Preventing Homosexuality
Joseph Nicolosi,Phd
&Linda Ames Nicolosi
ISBN 0-8308-2379-4
101 Frequently Asked Questions
about Homosexuality
Mike Haley ISBN 0-7369-1470-6
Parents in Pain John White  
Reclaim, Restore and RebuildCarol L Wagstaff, M.A. ISBN 978-1-63232-901-1


Pursuing Sexual WholenessAndrew ComiskeyISBN 0-88419-259-8
Strength in WeaknessAndrew ComiskeyISBN 0-8308-2368-9
Desires in ConflictJoe DallasISBN 0-89081-897-5
Setting Love in OrderMario BergnerISBN 0-8010-5186-X
Coming Out of HomosexualityBob Davies &
Lori Rentzel
ISBN 0-8308-1653-4
Healing HomosexualityLeanne PayneISBN 0-8010-5700-0
Helping People Step Out
of Homosexuality
Frank WorthenISBN 0-945611-00-5
Transformation of the Inner ManJohn and Paula SandfordISBN  0-88270-539-3
Healing the Wounded SpiritJohn and Paula SandfordISBN 0-93208-114-2
Speaking of HomosexualityJoe DallasISBN 978-08010-19159

Homosexuality – Lesbianism

Out Of EgyptJeanette HowardISBN 1-85424-486-8
Free IndeedBarbara SwallowISBN 0-931593-58-1
The Heart of Female
Same-Sex Attraction
Janelle HallmanISBN 978-0-8308-3429-7
Beyond the WallCarrie Winglield
Long Road to LoveDarlene Bogle

Homosexuality – Pastoral Care

Homosexual No MoreDr. William Consiglio ISBN 0-89693-935-9
Sexual HealingDavid Kyle Foster ISBN 0-9645000-0-0
101 Frequently Asked Questions
about homosexuality
Mike HaleyISBN 0-7369-1470-6
A New Christian Ethic
Elizabeth R. MoberlyISBN 0-227-67850-8
The Broken ImageLeanne PayneISBN 0-86065-641-1
Crisis in MasculinityLeanne PayneISBN 0-86054-680-2
Counseling the HomosexualMichael R. SaiaISBN 0-87123-989-2
Unwanted HarvestM. Riley & B. SargentISBN 0-8054-6156-6
A Strong Delusion – Confronting the
Gay Christian’ Movement
Joe DallasISBN 1-56507-431-9
The Gay Gospel? How Pro-Gay
Advocates Misread the Bible
Joe DallasISBN 0-7369-1834-5

Marriage – Discovering Healthy Marriage

The Seven Principles for
Making Marriage Work
John M. GottmanISBN  978-0609-80579
You and Me ForeverFrancis & Lisa Chan ISBN 978-0-9903514-
The Proper Care &
Feeding of Husbands
Dr. Laura SchlessingerISBN 0-06-052061-2
Love & RespectDr. Emerson Eggerichs ISBN 1-59145-187-6
The Seven Desires of
the Human Heart
Mark & Debbie LaaserISBN 978-0310-318231
Getting Your Sex Life
Off to a Great Start
Clifford & Joyce PennerISBN 978-08499-35152
The Act of MarriageTim and Beverley LaHayeISBN- 978-0310212003
The Act of Marriage after 40Tim and Beverley LaHayeISBN 978-0310-23114-1
4 Seasons of MarriageGary ChapmanISBN- 978-1414376349

Men – Discovering the Masculine Heart

The Journey of DesireJohn EldredgeISBN 0-7852-6882-0
Wild at HeartJohn EldredgeISBN 0-7852-6883-9
Waking the DeadJohn EldredgeISBN 0-7852-6165-6
The Way of the Wild HeartJohn EldredgeISBN 0-7852-8868-6

Women – Discovering the Feminine Heart

Let Me Be A WomanElisabeth ElliotISBN 0-8423-2162-4
CaptivatingJohn & Stasi EldredgeISBN 0-7852-7621-1
Lady In WaitingDebby Jones & Jackie KendallISBN 1-56043-848-7

Sexual Abuse

The Wounded HeartDr. Dan B. AllenderISBN 0-8910-92897
Healing Victims of
Sexual Abuse
Paula SandfordISBN 0-932081-21-5
Helping Victims of
Sexual Abuse
Lynn Heitritter & Jeanette VoughtISBN 0-764-20228-6
Sexual HealingDavid Kyle FosterISBN 0-9645000-0-0

Sexual Addiction

The Secret SinMark R. Laaser ISBN 0-310-54911-6
Freedom from AddictionNeil T. Anderson ISBN 0-8307-18656
False IntimacyDr. Harry Schaumburg ISBN 1-57683-0284
Sexual HealingDavid Kyle Foster ISBN 0-964500000
Addiction & GraceGerald G. May, M.D.ISBN 0-06-0655372
No Stones–Women Redeemed
From Sexual Addiction
Marnie C. FerreeISBN 978-0-8308-3740-3
‘Out of the Shadows’
Understanding Sexual Addiction
Patrick Carnes, Ph.D.ISBN 978-1-56838-621-8
Healing the Wounds of
Sexual Addiction
Mark R. LaaserISBN: 0310-25657-1
Shattered Vows Debra Laaser ISBN: 0-310-27394-3
Addictions and
Recovery Counseling
Dr. Tim Clinton and
Dr. Eric Scalise
ISBN: 978-08010-72321

Support Groups

ConnectingLarry CrabbISBN 0-8499-1413-2
The Safest Place on EarthLarry CrabbISBN 0-8499-1456-6
Sexual HealingDavid Kyle FosterISBN 0-9645000-0-0