Internet Addiction Signs

Internet Addiction Signs

From the Restoring Wholeness Course, “Understanding and Ministering to the Relationally and Sexually Broken Person within the Church”

Have your family or friends complained about the amount of time you spend online?

Are you less involved with your spouse or friends because of your involvement with the Internet?

Have you lied to your spouse or family members about your Internet usage?

Do you feel estrangement in your relationship with God because of your involvement with the Internet (pornography, gambling, etc.)?

Do you avoid social engagements or try to leave such engagements early in order to spend more time on the Internet?

Do you hide your Internet involvement from your spouse or family members?

Do you, your spouse, or family members stay up late, after everyone has gone to bed, so you can log onto the Internet privately?

Have you, your spouse or a family member experienced an increase in moodiness, anger and harsh blaming?

Have you, your spouse or family member tried to stop your involvement with the Internet, but have been unable to do so?

Many people find that overcoming these temptations is virtually impossible on their own. Developing a relationship with another person who can hold them accountable is the most effective way to obtain help.

We suggest that it is important that those dealing with sexual addiction, especially internet pornography get specialised support. We have found a very good programme through the internet that could help greatly. It is called “Covenant Eyes” (see next page for details). It is one amoung many help programmes that are available.