Advice For Parents of Gay Children

Advice For Parents of Gay Children

Advice For Parents of Gay Children
You will probably feel that you are a solitary case, instead of one in a giant minority scattered everywhere in the world. If parents could recall other cases where their friends had heard similar disclosures made by children, the jolt would be far less. Being a homosexual does not negate parental love, any more than God negates His love for His children when they have fallen to sin. He still loves us. After children tell their parents of their homosexual involvement, at least their own inner struggle has been externalized.
Your child is no tragedy. He is still your child. Knowing he is involved in homosexuality does not erase all the joy and blessing he has been to you over the years in growing up. Just because you learned of his problem, does it mean you cannot be the same loving mother you were a few hours before you knew this? Has he changed? Was it not the same child you would do anything for, give your life to save his? Where is the love and compassion you displayed so easily before?

When your child reveals a piece of his own life to you, this is an expression of deep trust. Making this disclosure to you is probably one of the major decisions in his life. Your reaction will be long remembered. What a terrific opportunity for all parents to show their loyalty and allegiance to their child when they are first aware that he is caught up in this dilemma. Does the knowledge of it somehow cripple our ability to show our allegiance to him?

Get across to him that you love him no matter what. This unconditional love is what you must convey to him. You love him, but you must hate his sin, because it hurts him. Regardless of his condition, you love him. If he is caught in deep sin, willing to change, unwilling to change, or even if he is too uptight to talk about it with you, make him aware that your love does not depend on his behavior. You can love him because of his struggle, not in spite of it.

Keep your love flowing to your child in every possible way you can demonstrate it. This will prevent stagnation and bitterness from settling in you own heart. It will assure him of this unconditional love you are showing him, which will remind him of God’s love for him.

Stay close to the Lord. Sometimes situations like this drive people to God. If you were not in fellowship before this, you can be now. Praise the Lord in the midst of the situation. Knowing that God will restore your child in His time to complete fellowship. Be willing to welcome your child with open arms, no questions asked.

Let your continual reflection be, “Praise the Lord, anyhow!” This situation came to you through God’s special filter to purify your life and make your family united in serving the Lord. Trials are to strengthen the bonds, making them strong as cables. Let this trial deepen your faith and make you precious metal for the Master’s use, having the dross removed by fire.

Above all wrap your child in love and present him to the Lord for Him to restore in His own time program. This commitment to the Lord will free you to pray for the healing power of the Holy Spirit to invade and liberate him.

Keep Romans 8:28 forever in your heart – God’s promise that:”… all things work together for good to those that love God.” … even when things seem shattered. This should take a high position on the priority list for Scripture on suffering. One should always avoid hypocrisy by glibly quoting Scripture, instead, aim to saturate yourself with the Word of God. So that, when you awake in the middle of the night with acute signs of anxiety symptoms, you might hear the voice of the Lord whisper to you: “My child this will all work out for good, because you love me and are called for my purposes.” This saturation of Scripture will put into your Spirit the Word that the Holy Spirit requires to bring forth His healing to your inner being.

Think about this … “In love’s service, only the wounded can serve, for they alone can understand the cry of the bleeding heart.”

This shattering you are feeling will one day be gone, and in it’s place, will be a heart of love to minister to others who God will bring into your life, because you have passed this cup of suffering trial.