In Person Restoring Wholeness: “16Week Support Program”

In Person Restoring Wholeness: “16Week Support Program”

Cost: $150 per personComprehensive manual included
Length: 16 weeks
Audience: Men and Women

RW Support Program is a course for men and women designed to minister to individuals within the Church. This intensive course deals with the foundations of our life and the brokenness, fears, addictions, and shame-based character that develops.

If focuses on pointing individuals toward breaking the shame, which is at the heart of continuing struggles, through biblical based ministry and confidential small groups.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: God’s Original Intent – Looking through the Lens of God’s Purpose
Lesson 2: Blessing/Modeling – The Parent’s Role, Imitation – The Child’s Role – Systems, The Family’s Role & Generational Iniquity
Lesson 3: ShameBased Family Rules and Resolving Shame
Lesson 4: Exploring the Roots of Relational & Sexual Brokenness –
The Mother Wound
Lesson 5: Exploring the Roots of Relational & Sexual Brokenness – The Father Wound and ‘Wounding and Brokenness’
Lesson 6: Dealing with Pain, Anger and Depression
Lesson 7: Relationships – Single or Singleness
                 Relationships – Marriage
Lesson 8: Relational Idolatry
Lesson 9: Boundaries
Lesson 10: Freedom From Abuse
Lesson 11: Understanding Same-Sex Attraction
Lesson 12: Defining Addiction
Lesson 13: Sexual Addiction and the Fear of Intimacy
Lesson 14: Cycle of Addiction and Breaking the Cycle
Lesson 15: Healing and Restoring Wholeness

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