Inspiring Stories (Page 2)

Inspiring Stories (Page 2)

Internet Pornography and Marriage

A True Story: Internet Pornography and Marriage Our story is about God’s redeeming love and his amazing grace.  We can testify that what Satan meant for evil, God meant for good and by sharing our story we hope that it will be of encouragement to you, as marriages are under attack these days.  We have seen God’s grace work in us and have made a commitment to keep fighting for our marriage. It is the one area that Satan tries…

a True story – Freedom from Codependency

by Lindsay Hill Not long after my husband and I got married, he began traveling a lot for work. He had been my first boyfriend and we had spent 90% of our one year dating relationship apart, as I was overseas doing missions work. We were engaged for 6 months and then got married. I had no idea what co-dependency/relational idolatry was or that it was an issue in my life, and since things moved pretty quickly in our relationship, the…

My Child Is Gay: Am I a Bad Parent?

MY CHILD IS GAY: Am I a Bad Parent? SOME LESSONS LEARNED FROM LIFE’S EXPERIENCES WITH OUR LGBTQ DAUGHTER This letter was written by a long-­‐time friend of Reconciliation Ministries and member of the Healing Hearts parents’ support group. She shares wisdom gained from many years of trusting the Lord to help her love her lesbian-­‐identified daughter while maintaining her Christian convictions. She offers the article anonymously to protect the identity of her daughter. Without going into a lot of…
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