Wynn Thompson

Wynn Thompson

Pastor Wynn Cameron Thompson, since 1996, has been the founder and executive director of Restoring Wholeness Ministries dealing with relational and sexual issues within the Church in the Western Cape of South Africa and the USA.  As an American, Wynn’s story takes him from a solid Christian home upbringing in Los Angeles, California to being raped at the age of six.  The streets of Hollywood became his way of life as a teenager.  Sex, drugs and the entertainment industry became his god as he looked for his identity and satisfaction in life.  Dysfunction in many forms continued until Wynn got sick and tired of being sick and tired in 1985 and turned to God.

After years of healing he became a missionary in Europe with Youth With A Mission.  During the years that followed he gained training in theology and therapy as he studied with international schools.  Wynn has travelled to many countries ministering and teaching in the area of relational and sexual brokenness as well as leadership training.  He is an ordained minister, international teacher, speaker, life therapist/counselor, author, and is a former member of the Exodus Europe, Africa and Middle East Board.

Together with the South African Restoring Wholeness team of seven teachers and writers, Wynn created several specific LIFE Matters 8-16 week support programs dealing with topics such as ‘abuse’, ‘addiction’, ‘same-sex attraction’, ‘co-dependency’ and ‘dysfunctional families and shame’.

In 2003 Wynn was one of nine authors who contributed individual chapters in the book, Big God Big Life by Anthony Liebenberg.  His chapter, “The crisis of sexual identity in today’s family and church” spells out the problems as well as solutions facing the family and the Church in today’s society in this much avoided issue of life.

In 2009 God called Wynn back to the USA to build Restoring Wholeness Ministries in Arizona. Wynn also married his child-hood sweetheart, Judi, and together moved to Tucson to live. Since then he has created a team of leaders who help run support groups and Leader’s training courses.  He has teamed with Chi Alpha on the University of Arizona campus and works with university students as well.