RW Blog November 2018

RW Blog November 2018


Wow….I can’t believe it’s already December. Another year has quickly passed. In the stores it seemed as if Thanksgiving was ignored and Christmas took over. There were a few sales on pumpkins and turkeys and of course limited areas on the store isles to display all the things one “must have” to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving. But almost simultaneously the multiple rows of Christmas decorations sadly overshadowed Thanksgiving. Such a reflection on our attitude of a thankful heart.

This year I was going to be ready! I put a reminder in my outlook calendar in July to start planning the holidays. All the things I wanted to accomplish would start early and I would be on top of it all.  As the days went by I would see my reminder, think about it and then “snooze” it for a few days. Now it’s upon us and I apparently snoozed my opportunities away. Now I keep thinking…”I wish I had of….”, but I know I can just knuckle down and get necessary things done. I can do it.
Snoozing away opportunities

As I thought of my plight I also began to think about my spiritual journey this year. How many opportunities may I have snoozed through and missed?  One reason was I didn’t have any written down. Nothing on my calendar to drive my spiritual appointments or commitments. Oh yes, I knew what they were and would think about them but apparently put them on snooze for another day. Soon the days are past and so are the opportunities.


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