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About Us

WHAT IS RESTORING WHOLENESS MINISTRIES? RWM is a cross cultural, inter denominational counseling, support group and leadership training ministry aimed at addressing relational and sexual issues. We are built on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Ultimate Restorer of people. Our focus of ministry is to people affected by the following: Dysfunctional Families – a huge…

In the Desert

RWM Blog April 2016

Why God allows us to experience some difficult times? Many mistake it for punishment and fail to see the real picture. We all go through rough times in our Christian walk. Times when we just don’t feel like praying, reading the bible or even going to church. . This is called a Desert Experience. Its…

Hearing the Voice of God

NEW Teaching Video: Hearing the Voice of God

A teaching on how to hear God’s voice by Rev Wynn Cameron Thompson.         Click here for video       An outline study guide is available by writing us at USA at 

Sexual Addictions