Ever Accountable is Committed to Helping Women

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For a long time now, we’ve noticed a lack of help for women who struggle with porn, which is a problem!

Women and men experience pornography differently for many reasons, and because of that, they need different kinds of information to find the motivation to quit.
Here are a few basic reasons as to why women interpret pornography differently then men:

  • Porn is produced and consumed mostly by men (66% of all consumers), so it is their fantasies primarily depicted. As such, women’s bodies are the focus of sexual acts in nearly all porn–women are the objects acted upon, whereas men are the subjects whose pleasure is primary.
  • Porn objectifies women’s bodies by reducing whole, complex beings into a collection of parts for men to act out their sexual fantasies upon. Women as objects, rather than girlfriend/sister/mother human beings, easily allows for violence.
  • 94% of all pornography depicts violence, degradation, and humiliation acted upon the bodies of girls and women. This violence bleeds into regular life in the form of sexism and misogyny.
  • Research has proven that porn is directly tied to sex trafficking of girls and women, to rape myths, and to female pain during sexual intercourse with intimate partners.

By all means, please read further!

The differences between how men and women experience porn are complex, which is why we explain it in detail here:

For all of these reasons and more, women need specific help when they find themselves caught in porn’s terrible web. Porn calls into question the value, identities, and purpose of women and girls, which can cause serious harm to them in real life, including depression, anxiety, domestic abuse, pain during sex due to unrealistic performance expectations, and the list goes on.

Ever Accountable is here to help!

We’re excited to announce that from now on, we are dedicated to helping women with information, education, and our successful methods of helping ALL people quit porn for good.

From now on, when new users sign up they’ll choose their gender so we can better serve the needs of women and men.

Help us spread the word!

33% of women struggle with a pornography addiction, mostly in secret. It’s up to all of us to support one another and get rid of this problem in our lives.

Thanks!  Katie

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