JANUARY-MARCH 2023 – RW International Prayer Newsletter ‘Original Intent’

JANUARY-MARCH 2023 – RW International Prayer Newsletter ‘Original Intent’

‘Faith by Bullet Point personal story
God has done some paramount work in my life and the Restoring Wholeness program became a major influence to realizing the truth…CLICK HERE FOR MORE

personal / ministry notes from Wynn – 1st quarter 2023
I guess we could talk about last year…but honestly, the future and 2023 is more exciting!”…CLICK HERE FOR MORE

personal / ministry notes from Brett – 1st quarter 2023
I’ve only viewed live crocodiles from a safe distance at a zoo.
I have to admit… I will ONLY be comfortable viewing them at a safe distance at a zoo!! But in certain places of the world viewing a crocodile may not only be a daily occurrence, but also a deadly one”

personal / ministry notes from Jason – 1st quarter 2023
Contours of Transformation (Part 2)“
Our tree was infested with termites. And not just any termites, but the large queen termites. There were holes burrowed vertically through the trunk the size of a thumb! The termites were effectively eating the tree to death from the inside…CLICK HERE FOR MORE

‘rock group prayer team’

RW is a team, we are connected by a powerful thread…prayer! It is vital that Restoring Wholeness share with our partners. 
Join the Rock Group by emailing us. May our Father continue to energize you with His Spirit, protect, and provide for you! With much gratitude Restoring Wholeness Team!

‘prayer needs’

Please pray for our One Day Seminars – “From Shame to Intimacy with Christ” on 21 January (9am-4pm) at Central City Assembly, Tucson.
And on 1 April 2023 at 2911 Church, Tempe, Arizona (9am-4pm)

Please pray for new RW Support Group Leaders in Minneapolis, Nick & Lisa Strebendt; Northern Arizona University, Cottonwood, AZ and the new group in Prescott, AZ, Brett & Holly Martin and their team Bradley & Nichole Greene and Nicole Cox; and Tucson, AZ. Jason Caywood and Wynn.

Please pray that Wynn’s new book – Prodigal: A Journey to Freedom from Abuse, and Addiction (CLICK HERE TO ORDER) will get into the hands of those who need hope. ALSO: Please pray for the Spanish translation of Prodigal. We hope to have it completed sometime this year.

Please continue to pray for UKRAINE and our partners and ministries that we are connect to there.
They really need our prayers!

God bless you for your consistent faithfulness in prayer and support!  

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