Genesis 2:7

“…then the Lord God formed the man of ch. dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature.”

First God created our body…then He breather into it His eternal Spirit. When the two combined the soul, our memories, thoughts and emotions were created.

As I grew up in church most of the teaching I received revolved around the ‘spiritual’ part of humans. we were taught repeatedly about spiritual matters.

During that time I struggled with many physical and mental issues. May thoughts and emotions were under great attack by many internal and external forces. I wanted and needed good teaching on how to practically deal with these issues in my life but never really heard much from the pulpit. I presumed that I needed to deal with these issues on my own but never knew just how to do it.

Over the years, and much presumed wasted time, I came to the point of crying out to God to help. As I waited on Him He gave me Genesis 2:7 and said, “I created all three, I love all three, take care of all three.”

I’ve come to realise that we need to address and care for not only the spiritual needs but the physical and the soulful (thoughts, emotion and memories) of our God given “being”.


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