RW September 2021 Blog

…’Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord…”

What in the world do we really know about the power of God’s Holy Spirit? Have we really experienced it first hand? If we say we have, do we really believe that God will continue to do all He needs to do on our behalf? Will His character stand the tests of our doubts and fears in the light of our experiences?

Crisis is always a testing ground for our trust in what we really believe to be true. That truth does not always match God’s Truth, His Word. There are ties when our perception deceives us, we believe our experiences to be ‘the truth’. The focus of man’s affection seems to come back to one’s self…’my desires, dreams and rights’.

Looking back over 2020 and 2021 I see God’s faithfulness in living color! What has happened in my life and the life of the ministry is truly “…not by might nor by power“! Yes, there have been times when the horizon looked dark and foreboding but God’s promise has always stood the test.

In one large crisis I cried out to God asking Him, ‘Why?‘ I began to experience anger at what I thought to be God ignoring me. Later, after prayer and listening, God spoke through a good friend. “Wynn, you still feel unprotected“. I thought, ‘How can I, a minister and leader, still feel this way?’ It became very clear that there was still an area of my belief system that had not surrendered to God’s Truth. The root was the way I had perceived God’s reaction to the abuse I had experienced as a child. In God’s gentle way, He touched me as we agreed in prayer. From that moment on, one step at a time, I not only felt His Spirit I experienced the fulfilment of His Word and promise.

In each crisis we can learn to trust out Father more until we can stand and keep on standing! Jesus Christ experienced the ultimate crisis at the Cross. In His victory is our strength, power and hope.


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