About Us

WHAT IS RESTORING WHOLENESS MINISTRIES? RWM is a cross cultural, inter denominational counseling, support group and leadership training ministry aimed at addressing relational and sexual issues. We are built on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Ultimate Restorer of people. Our focus of ministry is to people affected by the following: Dysfunctional Families – a huge part of our identity, sexuality and character is formed while grouping up. All families are dysfunctional to a degree and ministering into this area helps…

Minneapolis, Minnesota – NEW RW LIFE Matters Support Group

Minneapolis, Minnesota NEW RW LIFE Matters Support Group: October 2015 through March 2016 Contact info:  Michael Newland, mike AT sojourncampuschurch.net, 612.486.2684 Registration Deadline:  September 15 Dates:  Monday nights, October 5-November 30 (no meeting Nov 2) and ….. Monday nights,  January 25-March 21 (no meeting March 14) Location:  Minneapolis, MN 55414 ( Contact Michael Newland ) For detailed Course info – CLICK HERE