“…hearing for the first time”  by Judi A. Thompson

Today I was strolling through Facebook. I found some old friends and new articles and information. It was just a lazy time of browsing. I came across the clip of children and adults when they could “hear” for the first time. It brought tears to my eyes. Those of us who do not struggle with hearing loss take hearing for granted. Watching them experience sound brought many of them to tears. A little baby broke out in a smile and the expressions and emotion were overwhelming.

It made me think about the spiritual realm. There are times I have taken my faith and spiritual heritage for granted. I grew up with it, it’s all I have known. Over the years I can remember those who had never “heard” the gospel go through a similar experience. Life changing, overwhelming, joyous and emotional as their spirit was enlightened and truth penetrated their life for the first time.

It’s so easy to live in our own world and not consider those who have not heard. Being a Christian has other challenges as well. If we do not have a full understanding of who we are in Christ we can struggle in our relationship with Him as well as constantly miss the mark. To stumble and fall easily. We need to learn our authority as a believer and what we have available to us.

We live in a broken world full of broken people. Our Father calls us, as we hear Him, to reflect His image to others. Pray that broken people can ‘hear’ His voice through us even if we don’t speak a word.

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  1. David Gregory

    Truth is what you said Judi! Yes we live in a broken world and many Christians live in that brokeness and never get free. Christians need to stop thinking brokeness and need to be renewing there minds thinking I’m already holy,righteous,redeemed ,healed,etc. Until we renew our minds from stinking thinking will continue to live in bondage!

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